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The Cutester: Five

Christmas rolled seamlessly into the Cutester’s birthday as usual, though at least, as usual, she was surrounded by family for the usual modest celebration. And it’s now established tradition (i.e. we did it once before) to have a proper party a whole month later, so I’ve got time to organise it. Not on my own, of course: the Redster has planned all the games already, with a theme and everything.

I’ve been storing up Cutester Sayings for a while and on the occasion of her birthday, or not too long after her birthday, I would like to share them with t’internet. This is an erudite child who has learnt how to relevantly use a literary quote to the best possible effect:

1) (Years ago, lying with us on our bed listening to noises outside on the street one morning, sucking her thumb)
High heels going past on pavement: Clip, clop, clip, clop
Cutester, taking thumb out of mouth: Who’s that trip-trapping over my bridge? (replaces thumb)

2) (Her first go at Angry Birds. Together we destroy two pigs but fail to touch the third)
Cutester, pointing at third pig: And that little pig lived happily ever after.

3) (A visit at Christmas to a friend of my sister’s, who actually lives in his own, real, 16th century castle. The castle owner has left the room to get us some tea.)
Redster: Does he really own the whole castle all by himself?
Me: Yes he does.
Redster: So he’s like the king!
Cutester, whispering to me: Are we the dirty rascals?

You see? She is absolutely priceless.

I think we can safely say there is no-one like the Cutester. She can be as stubborn as anything and also as good as gold, but only on her terms, and not to please anyone but herself. I actually respect that about her – it makes her acts of affection or helpfulness all the more precious, because they are completely whole-hearted, rather than done out of obligation. I hope that quality stays with her. Happy birthday you rascally cute Cutester you.