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Redster: Seven and two thirds
Cutester: Four and a half

Playing Out from Paul Gilbert on Vimeo.

Playing Out – what started it all
Check out the five minute video on this site – two mums in Bristol reclaiming the streets for the children to ‘play out’ after school, like it used to be normal to, before streets were just for cars and all the kids had to be shut indoors.

When my sister sent me the link to this site she added, ‘but it would probably never work in your road.’ We live on a London Victorian terraced ratrun parallel to an A-road / busy high street, so she had a point.

Nonetheless – we’ve just done it!! All afternoon the street has been closed to traffic, and we’ve had the run of it, chalking all over the tarmac, riding bikes, painting faces, playing tennis, and holding ‘spud and spoon’ races and tug of war. When the road opened four hours later, adults and children carried on standing in groups on the road, chatting in the afternoon sun, and the cars just had to edge round them cautiously. I don’t think anyone really wanted to go home, never mind get back on the pavement. It was magic.

It was also rather late by the time I’d scrubbed the facepaint, and the poster paint they decided to plaster themselves with afterwards, off my children and get them into bed. So when I’m not completely cream crackered, I’ll have a lot more to say.