The Redster: Seven and a half
The Cutester: Four and a third

Knit one...

School holidays are for bringing grandmothers who teach you how to knit (and count the stitches)

The Redster was being nursed in the sitting room by her little sister today after complaining of a sore stomach. Her mother could perhaps have been more sympathetic but was mostly focussed on getting lunch on the table.

After a while a small person wearing a plastic stethoscope delivered this note to the kitchen:

‘Dear nurse’ [I forgot to say that I was appointed head nurse in my absence – clearly some kind of managerial, administrative role with little personal contact with patients]
‘It is a bit to quiet here. Please can I have some intotanment for example clouwns, tipe rope walkers, jugles, singers, dancers and poino ists. When it is lunchtime I am going to be carred in a weelchair. Please tell me when it is lunchtime!
from the Pashant.’

She turned out to have a remarkably good appetite given the circumstances, and after lunch she didn’t react well to being refused some of the ludicrous amounts of Easter chocolate that are swilling round our house.

I hope her health holds out. With those expectations, treatment by the NHS could be a huge anti-climax.