My disgruntled sister is so disgruntled, no, disgusted, with me and my dusty blog, she no longer even leaves sarcastic comments when I write one of my quarterly posts.

So, if not for her sake then anyone else’s who sometimes call in (hello both!), an explanation is due…

I only have so much time for writing. All my writing time for the last six months has been poured into a course in getting one’s writing actually published for actual money, and to my astonishment, it has paid off (in fact it’s just done what it said on the tin, and paid for itself – I’ve earned back just a bit more than I spent on the fees. Blimey.)

So – for as long as these links are valid, in lieu of a blog, you can read (most of) what I wrote.

You can choose between a charming piece on why you should keep chickens in your back garden (written shortly before I admitted defeat in the face of their daily escapes, and gave them away)

Why you should take your children to school by bike

and why you should let your children play on the street

Don’t feel obliged to read all or even any of them. I just had to justify my online existence and explain that I honestly haven’t been idle.

Will that do, sister blogger senior? x