The Redster: Seven at last
The Cutester: Still three

I think I’ve finally got a handle on this party thing… first, do nothing else for a whole week, second, delegate everything food-related to a very competent mother-in-law, and thirdly recreate all the games you can remember from the 1970s. It went well thanks!

It had an animal theme


Beware of the loins

although my attempts to make our living room into a jungle were a bit lost on everyone.

I finally got to do that game where you pass a dice around, then whoever throws a six dives into the middle, dresses up, and attempts to unwrap the parcel before the next six is thrown. (They dressed up as a lion in Marigolds. That slowed them down.)


As modelled by The Very Best Red-Headed Friend’s dad.

But what I am most proud of, because I am no seamstress, was the creation of a game called – not Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but Pull the Tail off the Tiger – complete with tiger costume and detachable tail. It was a bit like Grandmother’s Footsteps

DSC_6573 crop

apart from the tail-grabbing part

Note matching hair

And there was a matching mask, which Raaaahed when you pressed the nose (I bought that part ready-made).

DSC_6728 adj
Add hands for extra scariness

And even the fact that a candle set fire to one of the jungle cake’s palm trees didn’t seem like a disaster, just an ecological comment.

DSC_6618 crop
Note the scorched remains of the tree in front of the watering hole

A really enjoyable day. Thank you team. And great to hang out with the VBRHF’s family afterwards, when the girls played with the presents together, though whatever it is they’ve cooked up, I won’t be eating it.