Redster: Six and a half
Cutester: Three

Constructing what, I never found out

On the subject of construction, the Cutester’s language is amazing. She has a whole lot of very grown up words and phrases (they way she says ‘actually’ is my favourite). Her grammer is brilliant. The Redster is still making mistakes with some past participles, if that’s what they’re called, but the Cutester is downright creative. ‘I had-ed to’ she says of something that she was obliged to do in the past, and ‘I’m very sad that the chickens are been died,’ expresses the idea that that the chickens did not keel over and die of their own accord; no, the fox been and died them.

My favourite not-to-be-forgotten recent conversation went like this:

Babymother: Did they put sun cream on you at nursery?
Ffion: Yes, on my front legs AND my back legs!

I eventually worked out what she meant, but the fact that she’s such a creature made it particularly appropriate.

The Redster is not short of memorable comments:

Redster: Mummy, please don’t give me ham sandwiches in my lunchbox anymore.
BM: Why?
R:I don’t like the white bits because they are slimy and I don’t like the pink bits because I can taste the pig.

Babyfather (context forgotten): Yes, but then, Redster, anything’s possible.
Redster: No, anything is not possible. For example, a baby can’t carry a piano down the stairs.

To which there is no answer, really.