The Redster: Six and a sixth
The Cutester: Three

At breakfast this morning, still at Nanny’s house:

The Redster (stroking dining room table): Nanny’s table is really beautiful.
Babymother: Mm.
The R: It’s so smooth. It feels like oil.
BM: Mm hmm.
R: It hasn’t got any scratches.
BM: No.
R: Or stains.
BM: Nope.
R: Or any food stuck to it.
BM: Mmm.
R: Like ours.
BM: OK, OK! I know.

Nanny’s house is immaculate. We do our best to chip away at this during our stays, setting up Mess HQ in our bedroom and gradually colonising the rest of the house by stealth. Foolishly, Nanny spent two nights away, leaving us to our own devices, and the kitchen was starting to look as smeary and cluttered as ours until hours before her return, when we panicked and tidied up.

It’s not on purpose. We’re just rubbish at housework.