Cutester: Three years old yesterday


Note big sister…

If you’re not squeamish and haven’t already read it, here’s what I was busy doing three years ago yesterday. I reckon the little person we brought home with us the next day was already very much the same as she is now – inscrutable, melodramatic, stubborn, opinionated, affectionate, funny and very very beautiful. It’s just that now, fortunately or unfortunately depending on the mood she is in, she is very good at expressing herself. She is totally different to her sister and I wouldn’t have either of them any other way.

The Redster has lovely moments of big sisterhood. She shouted up the stairs to me this morning: ‘Mummy! Mummy! I’ve only done 10 pieces of my jigsaw and the Cutester has nearly finished hers!’

‘Er, she’s very fast,’ I said.

‘AND very clever,’ said the Redster.

I couldn’t be prouder myself …I sometimes suspect that the Redster thinks she personally gave birth to the Cutester, judging by the responsibility she takes for her upbringing, but that’s another story.