Redster: Six
Cutester: Three tomorrow

Spot the angel

The Cutester is the angel which is sucking its thumb and twiddling its hair. Her sister has an arm around her and looks very solemn.

I made more of an effort for the church nativity this year, where you dress your child as its favourite nativity character, and bought them wings with real feathers (the haloes were borrowed from a friend. The Cutester refused to wear hers, in every sense). The Redster was a proper guardian angel and it’s the first year I haven’t had to go and join the ‘tableau’ to give them moral support, thank goodness – though I suspect it’s the presence of the Cutester that is reassuring her big sister rather than the other way round.

Christmas at St Bs

In other Christmas news, we did some outdoor carol singing with people from church. There was a band and mince pies. The Cutester bopped around to the music, munching away, and was reluctant to go home.

In the car she said,’ Are we going home?’
I said, ‘Yes.’
She said, ‘Did we have fun?’

I am still a bit baffled.