The Redster: Six
The Cutester: Very nearly three

I don’t usually go in for the whole Satan, er, Santa, thing – I just went soft this year.

We are staying at Nanny’s…

I've drunk the whisky

In front of the fireplace

You might need to click on the image to read it yourself, but it says: ‘To frthe fcrismars, halp yor salf and tuck in. love from Zoe and NAN and famle.’

This way

To the left of their bedroom door

Don't overshoot

To the right of their bedroom door

No mistake

On their bedroom door

We tried so hard to stay awake

The occupants

Thanks to her nursery, the Cutester thinks that Christmas is a celebration of Father Christmas and chocolate, and of course a bit of fun on the way to her birthday two days later. The Redster on the other hand has been told the Truth about Father Christmas, and delights in shattering the naive beliefs of her school friends, but clearly this has not stopped her entering into the spirit of it.

I would just like to point out that Christmas is about none of these things, and may you know peace and joy this coming year.