The Redster: Five and a half
The Cutester: Two and very nearly a half

The Redster in her gardening gear. And my wellies

The Redster in her gardening gear

When we had that hot weather a few weeks ago, which is how long I’ve had this post in my head, I got the paddling pool out. We have neither a garden tap nor a hose, so I have to fill it up painstakingly with a bucket filled at the kitchen sink. And as the lawn is not exactly flat the pool developed a bit of a deep end / shallow end situation.

Redster, as I empty in the 17th bucket into the ‘deep’ end: Mummy! Not on that side! It needs more water on the OTHER side!

Babymother: *considers an explanation, thinks better of it, and fetches next bucketful*

But this month’s best quotes arguably come from the Cutester. After lengthy sojourn in said paddling pool, she is dressed again and eating supper. But we should have checked her all over for debris lodged in delicate places, and she is shifting uncomfortably in her chair.

Cutester: Mummy, it hurting.
Babymother: It hurts? What’s hurting?
Cutester: My pants hurting.

And a day or so later:

Babymother: Someone’s put your hair in a ponytail! Was that Cathy at nursery?
Cutester: Not Cathy.
BM: Was it another teacher?
Cutester: Yes.
BM: Which one?
Cutester: The stripey one.
BM: The stripey one?
Cutester: Yes, the stripey fat one.

Actually, that doesn’t narrow it down much.