The Redster: Five and a half
The Cutester: Two and a third

This photo has nothing to do with the post. It’s just too beautiful not to use. The best thing is that a few minutes earlier she looked like this:

Yup – I may not have a full first aid kit in my handbag including anti-histamine cream, a sling and a defibrillator, but I do have wet wipes.

I am in bed while babyfather does childcare and shopping before picking up the Redster from school. Having done two days of proper mumflu, where you stay on your feet in a state that would have triggered complete bedrest in your pre-parenthood days, I actually asked babyfather not to go into work today. Now I feel like a bit of a loser on the hardcore mothering front, but the main beneficiary will be the children. The main symptoms of mumflu, I find, is a dangerously low bloodcount of patience, grace, humour and general maternal kindness. To avoid longterm damage to the children, the patient must be put to bed and kept there by means of the hourly administration of drinks, snacks and newspapers.

(Some gentle blogging is also recommended.)