Redster: Five and a half
Cutester: Two and a quarter

Babymother, reading from a picture book about Easter: So Jesus picked up the cup and said, ‘This is my blood…’
Redster: It’s not really blood, is it Mummy? It’s wine.
Babymother: Yes, it’s wine. He meant that we should drink it to remember that he died for us.
Redster: Daddy must be really good at remembering Jesus because he drinks LOTS of wine.

I have repeated this conversation to so many people that the Redster has asked me to stop telling them, leaving me no option but to post it on the internet.

It reminds me of a story I heard from a friend a couple of years ago – forgive me if I’ve told you before: A woman’s friend is visiting and they are drinking tea. The hostess’s little girl is with them, and whenever the guest picks up her teacup the daughter watches her closely.

Guest, finally: Why are you looking at me like that?
Little girl: Because Mummy says you drink like a fish.