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It’s unbearable to see the Cutester’s toddlerhood slipping by unblogged.

(It’s my own fault – in a moment of weakness I delayed her starting date at nursery school until after Easter, and as a result any time not spent in her company is devoted to housework, admin, and unpaid editing, but mostly housework.)

She is changing fast. Her grasp of language is a phenomenon. She can sing the third verse of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ in its entirety (did you know it had more than one verse? ‘Twinkle Little Star’ has about five, by the way, but we’re not going there). She can sing ‘Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar / My dad drives a rusty old car’ and I’m grateful that the alternative songs the Redster brings home from school have all been completely innocent so far… She can sing most of the songs from the Redster’s Christmas show, out of season but mostly in tune, and recite the prayer the Redster’s school uses before lunch. Her response to saying grace at the table at home is pretty heart-warming – whatever is said, she responds with a resounding ‘Amen!’ before bursting into applause and offering to high-five everyone sitting at the table.

She used a conjunction for the first time last Thursday. I asked her if she was hungry (i.e. it’s lunchtime so hurry up and get to the table). She replied ‘I not hungry, cos I fixing the jigsaw.’ Sadly it’s not longer jig-jaw, despite all three of us trying to persuade her not to use the correct version. Happily, she still comes with me to the swimping pool, though she does not come with me happily, which is another story.

She has also taken to saying ‘Fantastic!’ in a thinly-veiled parody of her mother.

That’s my quarterly update then. Come back in June.