Redster: Five and a quarter
Cutester: Two

Nursery for the Cutester is approaching fast. One of the casualties will be our two favourite toddler groups on Wednesday and Friday mornings. At the Wednesday one I get to lead the singing every other week, a heady and glamourous occasion which strangely has not resulted in me being head-hunted by Cbeebies, but there’s still one more week, so watch this space. (The chap who led the toddler singing at the library with a ukelele disappeared suddenly one Tuesday and we all reckon he got signed by a major studio.)

My set generally comprises ‘Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Old Macdonald’ ‘Big Red Bus’ (toddlers can’t get enough of public transport), ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’, ‘The Dingle-Dangle Scarecrow’, ‘Zoom Zoom zoom’ and leads inexorably to ‘Sleepy Bunnies,’ which no self-respecting toddler sing-along can do without. For the verse the children lie on the floor (the Cutester loves this song so much that last week she was lying on the floor for the two preceding songs, in anticipation) until the cue ‘Wake up Bunnies!’ and then while the adults clap and sing ‘Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop’ the centre of the circle turns into a sort of infant mosh pit while they all go beserk, leaping up and down and laughing and shaking their shakers. I have to admit that that moment is my favourite moment of the whole week. There is something about a dozen toddlers all being overjoyed at once that sends my seretonin levels, or endorphin levels, or whatever it is that makes you feel blissed out, through the ceiling. I’m going to miss it.