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Where's Ffion?

The cutester has changed. Just in the space of ten days. We came back from holiday and the lodger was struck by the difference – heck, even I could see it. She is now nothing like a baby walking on its hind legs. She is almost like, well, a little girl.

Her speech is slowly emerging although I am the last person in her acquaintance to hear new words. My sister tuned into ‘Ook!’ when she came to stay – the cutester was pointing at things when she said it so it should have been obvious really. (I realised afterwards that I say ‘Look!’ when I’m talking to her with exactly the same intonation. Cheeky monkey.) Beh-beh has been around for a while although I was the last in the family to acknowledge it as a word. It only recently applied to the baby doll – more often it seemed to mean ‘I’m just a baby. So give me that thing I’m pointing at.’

‘Dut!’ (duck) and Gog! (dog) I managed to work out for myself, but Ganny had to explain to me that she’s saying ‘There you go’ when giving or receiving something, and probably has been doing so for weeks. I just didn’t connect it with the sound ‘airgo’ – even with my own intonation mimicked to a tee again. Now she uses it to ask for things: ‘Airgo?’

Probably, unconsciously, I don’t want her to speak. What does she need to speak for? We love her gibberish – it contains far more exotic sounds than mere English. And maybe I can wait for the speaking bit because the Redster is already jamming the airwaves with her own constant chitchat…On the other hand I do find myself repeating WHAT IS THE PROBLEM when she cries and feeling seriously put out that she won’t tell me. But how much longer will she say ‘Goily goily goy!’ for when she’s excited?

Anyway, her first, serious, grown-up, clear as a bell word was worth waiting for. Mumm-ee. It makes me melt. I heard her babbling in her cot the other day so I went to pick her up, and she smiled and said to me in a sing-song voice, ‘Mummy baby bah bah.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself.