Babe: Three years and eight months
Babeling: 5 months

Gang of three

If only I were as good looking as my daughters…

The babeling can stand for long periods bearing her own weight while we hold her just enough to maintain her balance. Those little legs are STRONG. She has also embarked on a teething frenzy, which is why everything goes into her mouth including bits of unattended flesh (see picture). I am duly shovelling what the babe calls ‘mushy food’ into her and she is duly regurgitating it onto my clothes. When she’s had enough mush she twists herself round and buries her head into my chest, pawing my jumper, which is irresistable and means she would really like to be a suckling infant for a bit longer.

The babe uses the word ‘realised’ but still confuses lines with lions and the other day asked me very seriously to look at a lentil she had found in our flowerbed. It was a millipede. Right next to the glovefoxes.

The babe and I found a way to summarise our various stages of development / decay at teatime today: the babeling’s got no teeth, the babe’s got milk teeth, Mummy’s got big teeth, and Daddy’s got missing teeth. (We could probably concoct a similar statement about hair, but that would be cruel.)