Babe: 3 and a half, or thereabouts
Babeling: 4 and a half months

In case anyone is still checking my blog: Here’s my next excuse. It’s a good one.

I have not been blogging because until last Saturday, for at least 3 weeks, babyfather and I have been creating what feels like another member of the family. This time it was mainly the husband who was in labour, but we’re both exhausted because I had to do all the childcare all the time instead of just most of it.

We would like you to meet:

God Answered Me

I blog on this site under the enigmatic pseudonym ‘Clare’. You don’t have to be Christian to read it, but you do have to be a woman, although I’ll make an exception for Moobs. (Actually I don’t know of any other men bar family who read my blog, which is possibly why I like Moobs so much.)

I’ll be back sometime before the end of the summer no doubt.