Babe: 3 years and 3 months
Babeling: 3 weeks

Sleep, cry, feed, sleep, cry, feed, sleep, cry, feed.

That’s how I am. Now for my daughters:


The babeling looks at me wildly when I pick her up, trying to stop her head wobbling long enough to get me in focus. Her face clearly says ‘Have we met?’ Then it switches to ‘Milk!’ Then ‘Gimme NOW!’

If she’s hungry she does head lunges. She basically chucks her head as hard as she can in the direction of what Gandad calls the boobical region, and the rest of her body flops after it. The location of this region eludes her sometimes though because any bare flesh could be the right spot, so she humps her head along my shoulder and starts snuffling and nuzzling my cheek/nose/mouth instead. It’s nice and tickly and a bit like being kissed by a puppy.

My mammal-crazy brother-in-law is therefore probably right that a newborn infant can make it to the breast unaided. (But once there, what would it do about the bra straps?)


As for the babe: this is a pretty good illustration of how she is coping with siblinghood.

(Having said that, I just need to mention that when I asked her ‘what do you like about being a big sister?’ she said simply, ‘Loving her.’)