Babe: 3 years outside
Babeling: 7 months inside

Babymother: I’ve thought of a name for the babeling.

Babyfather: And it is…?

BM: OK, I’ll tell you, but in case you pour cold water on it without considering it properly, you’re not allowed to say anything for 24 hours.


BM: Or move a muscle on your face.

BF: *looks completely blank*

BM: Here goes. The name I like is A—-

BF: *looks completely blank*

48 hours later..

BM: So – what did you think about the name I suggested?

BF: (looking completely blank) What was it again?

Bless. He’d hit the OFF switch a second too early. Being female I am not fitted with one, but perhaps they’re tricky to operate.