Babe: 3 years outside
Babeling: 6 months inside

I just have to mention, in case I forget to put it into writing, that there was one weekend in May when the babe called vitamins ‘bitterfins’ and triangles ‘tangalores’. For one glorious weekend only.

However, the following remain:

Breakfast: Buskiss (still)

Radiator: Radio

Milk: Myilk

Bob: The Byilder

Guitar: Giddingtar

Computer: Giddingpeter (why?!)

Emphasis: Yes, I’m ARE!

Suggested names for babeling: Peter Rabbit, Fatima, Darren.

She can do long, earnest sentences in complete gobbledygook, with emphatic nodding and hand gestures, that sound close enough to English to baffle strangers who are trying very hard to engage in conversation with her. I once asked her if she was talking English.


‘What language are you talking then?’


So Pantu it has been ever since. She can write it, too.